My Categories

I’ll use this little and short page to introduce you to the categories I use to make your navigation easier and smoother.

DM ex Machina collects Gamemastering advice and tips  from a DM to a DM.

Dramatis Personae is a NPC Collection. It Includes the subcategory “Comixology“, which will be bringign your favorite superheroes to D&D.

In Eberron for Dummies I’ll publish articles about Eberron and how to place its elements in any campaign.

My campaigns journals, grouped in volumes, will be featured in Fabula Narratur. It will keep track of many stories, such as “Volume I: Rapelje Acquisitions”, “Volume IV: The 13th Guardian”, “Volume V: A Three-Headed Gorgon” and “Volume VIII: The Return of the Eldrazi”.

The Monstrorium is a collection of monsters for use in your campaign.

News and reviews will be set in Notid20.

And finally, Power Source will group the new gaming elements for your campaign, separated where possible via tags such as “Arcana”, “Martial” and “Primal”, among others.

I hope you enjoy and find useful what you read. Feel free to leave a comment in any article.