My Campaigns

My blog started years ago as a journal for my campaign. Once in a while I added a few ideas for other DMs to use in their own campaigns, and eventually everything evolved.

I decided to relate my campaigns to each other, just as easter eggs. This one was long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by the way. I entitled them “Codex Anathema”, in honor of the original title for the “Lords of Madness” 3.5 sourcebook. I’d keep them apart in volumes. I’ll use this section to tell you about them.

Volume I: Rapelje Acquisitions

Volume II: Forgotten Relics

Volume III: Prisoner Thirteen

Voume IV: All Souls

Volume V: A Three-Headed Gorgon

Volume VI: Coldsnap

(no poster available)

Volume VII: Sede Vacante

Volume VIII: Rise of the Quori

Volume IX: Sins & Portents