Por Trece Razones

Supernatural nos enseña algunas cosas para hacer nuestras campañas duraderas y memorables.


Just an example of how to bring a small detail into a full-fledge meta-superstition that brings clues to your players about what they are looking for.

Occult Mysteries

The Draconic Prophecy is by far the most occult of Eberron mysteries.

The Sum of All Creations

Eberron’s megadungeon by excellence is House Cannith’s top research facility: Whitehearth.

The Art of Fear

How to scare your players in order to scare their characters.

The (other) Omen

Playing with Destiny has its own pros and cons.
(También disponible en español)

Now you see me

Faeries are the theme for June’s RPG Blog Carnival, and I offer a gift (with a trick, just like a faerie) Normally I post in spanish, but given the RPG Blog Carnival is hosted in english, I guess I have to follow the flow. Anyway I’m planning to translate it for my regular entries. Pitfalls…

10 monstruos que uso en cada campaña (y 5 que no)

Continuando la cadena de RPG Bloggers Network No sigo blogs roleros tanto como antes, pero uno al que siempre tengo que llegar es el de mi creativo hermano adoptivo, Lord Archaon. Gracias a su última entrada me enteré de esta cadena “10 Monsters I Use in Every D&D Campaign (And 5 I Don’t)” y esto…